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Paul J. Driscoll began practicing law in Marshfield in 1976, and was soon joined by Donald L. Gibson. Driscoll & Gibson was founded to bring the background, resources, and perspective of a Boston-based firm to the South Shore. Driscoll & Gibson specializes in the trial of a broad range of civil cases and has earned the reputation as one of the most successful, tenacious, and aggressive law firms in Eastern Massachusetts. Emphasizing personal commitment to and a dedicated relationship with each client, Driscoll & Gibson is known throughout the legal community for its professional excellence, innovation, and ethical practice. Having earned the respect and confidence of the South Shore bar, Driscoll & Gibson receives referral clients from numerous attorneys in Eastern Massachusetts. We also regularly represent out-of-state residents who are in Massachusetts, traveling through Massachusetts, attending the many colleges and universities of Massachusetts or who are receiving medical treatment at one of the many teaching hospitals and medical facilities throughout the Commonwealth. Conveniently located on Route 139 in Marshfield just off Exit 12 on Route 3, Driscoll & Gibson serves our South Shore, Cape Cod, and Eastern Massachusetts neighbors with over seventy years of combined legal and litigation experience.

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Personal Injury Law 

Our Initial Consultation Is Free

Our initial consultation is free of charge. Our personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. We employ a winning approach based upon creativity, teamwork, a thorough knowledge of the law, and our familiarity with the civil court system. Each of our cases receives the personal attention of one of our founding partners. When you’re injured, you’ll need all the legal help you can get, and you’ll need it as soon as possible.

Driscoll & Gibson represents injured persons in a broad range of cases, including motor vehicle collisions, unsafe premises litigation, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death, defectively manufactured products, liquor liability, professional negligence and medical malpractice, construction site accidents, pharmaceutical and medical devices, recreation and amusement park litigation, and insurance coverage disputes.

We are relentless and tireless advocates for our personal injury clients and their loved ones. We take care of everything in pursuing and litigating your claim, including filling out those endless forms. We allow you to concentrate on your medical treatment, getting well and back on your feet, and returning to work. Without our professional assistance, you’ll be at the mercy of an insurance company which will either deny liability or attempt to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible.

General Civil Litigation

Know your legal rights. We’re on your side. You need someone who will fight for you, someone to stand by you and by your family. You need an advocate who will aggressively represent your interests in state and federal litigation. Having appeared in the Superior Courts of Eastern Massachusetts, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Driscoll & Gibson has the skill, the knowledge, the experience, and the resources to pursue your case. We have brought about meaningful changes in the law of Massachusetts. Our efforts have caused individuals and corporations to improve their methods and practices in order to prevent personal injuries or economic harm in the future.

For our commercial litigation clients, we are problem solvers as well as determined litigators. In the Superior Court, we handle a very broad range of contract litigation. We are efficient and thoughtful in our approach to your company’s legal issues and disputes.

Land Use Law and Development

The use and development of private property is heavily regulated by local and state governments through complex zoning, planning, environmental controls, and health regulations. Common land use planning involves spatial issues, timing issues, functional issues, and appearance issues. Spatial issues involve where development can take place given natural and man made hazards, environmentally sensitive areas, and resource conservation. Timing issues concern when development should occur, as well as the rate at which public services will be extended or available to the project. Functional issues determine what a development should look like and how it should function once it is completed. Driscoll & Gibson can assist in explaining the legal parameters in which development must take place and the regulatory process which will govern the acquisition of the necessary approvals that must be obtained before the project can go forward.

Driscoll & Gibson can assist you by appearing in your behalf before Selectmen, Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Appeal, Boards of Health, Historical Commissions, Conservation Commissions, and various Federal agencies to obtain variances, special permits, subdivision approval, and orders of condition. If an appeal of a local administrative decision or action is necessary, Driscoll & Gibson will also prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the appropriate state agency or state court and handle all aspects of the appeal.